Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tropical extract kills 80 percent of breast cancer cells!

New research shows that the fruit of a tropical vine may help fight breast cancer.

The study comes from Dr. Ratna Ray, a professor of pathology at St. Louis University. She specializes in studying the regulation of cell growth.

And while the results of her study, published in the journal Cancer Research, are preliminary… they are also very promising.

“Our result was encouraging,” she says. The extract “significantly induced death in breast cancer cells.” She also says it stopped breast cancer cells from growing and spreading.

Two Percent Concentration Kills Cancer Cells

The tropical extract comes from the fruit of the bitter melon. Like its name, the fruit is indeed bitter, but still edible.

In her study, Dr. Ray applied a two percent bitter melon extract to breast cancer cells. She found that this was the minimum amount needed to kill a significant number of breast cancer cells. In fact, at that concentration, the extract killed 80 percent of breast cancer cells.

Further research published in the journal Anticancer Research offers more insight into how bitter melon may work. It attacks the HER2 gene that makes breast cancer aggressive. Once it impacts the gene… the tumor can no longer grow.

Dr. Ray plans on testing her extract on animals next. If those results are positive, she’ll move to human trials.

“There have been significant advances in breast cancer treatment,” she says. “However, women continue to die of the disease and new treatment strategies are essential.”

Where to Find Bitter Melon

You can get bitter melon as a supplement in tablet or capsule form. There is no doctor-recommended dose at this time. However, manufacturers of the supplement recommend 500 mg per day.

You can also purchase bitter melon raw at Asian grocery stores. Experts say you can eat one small raw melon per day to see the same benefits as a supplement.

Bitter melon offers an additional health benefit. It has also been shown to lower your blood sugar levels.

The fruit is generally regarded as safe. In animal studies, the only adverse reaction was hypoglycemia. That happens when blood sugar levels fall too low. So be especially careful if you’re on diabetic medications.

Source: letsgohealthy

Remove phlegm of lungs and coughs using this amazing old remedy!

This remedy is the best for coughs and mucus. It has just natural items and has no side effects unlike meds and drugs. The recipe is good for both kids and adults.

NOTE: use just fresh carrots for more benefits.


- Better immunity
- Better heart health
- Less bad LDL cholesterol
- Better skin
- Better detox
- Good eyesight

You need:

½ kg carrots
4 tbsp honey

Peel the carrots, boil them and make them soft. Keep their water from the boiling. Add the water and carrots and honey in blender. Make smooth mash. Add this in jar and refrigerate.

Consume 3 tbsp daily and after 2 days see results.

Source: movingtoorganic

Removal of face spots in just 3 nights using potato and other ingredients!

Here you can see the best way to use some recipes for brightening skin and removing spots of the face. The cures are all natural and have no side effects.

Lemon juice and potato– you need 1 potato and ½ lemon juice. Mash the potato, then get lemon juice and mix these. Apply on the face and massage in circle movements. After 20 min, rinse with water. These items make skin whiter and bleached.

Onion and potato– get ½ onion and 1 potato. Mix the items in blender, apply on the face and after 15 min rinse with cold water.

Cucumber and potato– get ½ cucumber and 1 potato. Mix the veggies in blender and clean the face. Put this mask and rub in circle motions. After 25 min rinse with cool water.

Carrot and potato– get ½ carrot and 1 potato. Like before, mix them in blender and apply on clean face. After 20 min, wash with water.

Use these masks regularly for amazing skin!

Source: healthylifevision

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wi-Fi: A silent killer that kills us slowly

Here in the modern day and age, we are all addicts to internet. This is even simpler now with the use of wifi. Now we can surf online in any place, spot, city, country regardless the conditions.

But, as far as our safety goes, companies that make the wifi routers have to follow strict norma for the health toward us, from their devices. Still, we can reveal some facts about the wireless devices safety on the wifi routers:

We have to see how the device is connected to the router with no use of cables. Wireless devices (cell phones, laptops, tablets) all have and emit WLAN signals or electro magnetic waves and they go to the router. These loop signals are unhealthy for us in many ways. Even the British Health Agency confirmed that these signals harm both humans and animals.

The bad sides of wifi exposing are:

- Focus problems
- Frequent and harsh headaches
- Ear pains
- Fatigue
- Sleep problems

Still, we know that we cannot all the way change these new technologies. So, we won’t advise you to avoid internet all the time, but at least see these good advice for reducing the bad effects of this matter:

Disconnect wifi before you sleep
Never keep the router in kitchen or bedroom
At home, use phones with cables for less electro magnet waves
Wifi is turned off when not in use to prevent such waves around children.

Source: goodmorningcenter

Fake rice is sold everywhere! recognize the fake and real rice!

There exist many rumors that the rice we eat is fake. In Asia was a proof that mass production of the rice is fake rice and after the investigation, people still were in disbelief.

So, read more below and cautious with the buying.

The fake rice is from China and after this was also seen in India and Vietnam, but Europe and Indonesia too. In USA is not so much sold yet, but it can be found. People notice strange food items even from known brands and companies. The fake rice can look the same as real one and you can hardly make the difference. Also, fake rice immediately upsets the belly.

This rice causes real health damages and we must recognize it. First, try to avoid rice on daily basis. The fake rice has residue of potatoes in it and chemicals even, and sadly this rice is found in famous markets.

In Malaysia this is not the case since there every food item is closely controlled and fake rice cannot be found! But, small shops and small markets still sell it worldwide.

How to differentiate fake and real rice?

There is not much you can do on first glimpse. First, try to boil the rice. The fake has the same shape after the boiling, and real changes form. Also, fake rice will feel like plastic and hard matter in the hand after cooking and there would be plastic-like smell if the rice is fake.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Get rid of every poison from the body in just 2 days with a detox plan for the weekend!

If you feel tired all the time and have no energy, or have dark circles under the eyes and the skin is really dry, then you are in need of a detox.

If you have toxic body, you are more prone to viruses, flu and infections. When you detox, the body gets the health and energy back and you feel vitality.

Here is the best detox plan lasting a weekend with many health benefits. It will cleanse organs like liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and intestines.

It has many fluids involved, meat, low fat food and potatoes. Sounds tasty? It is best to do this 2 times per year and for 10 days. But, also it is good for the weekend days few times per year.

The effects will amaze you.

For even best effects, take birch, nettle and dandelion tea. Also have workouts regularly like swim, walk, run, gym and so on

The detox weekend plan

After waking up, before eating and drinking, have 250 ml water, warm.


- Breakfast:warm water,  oat flakes 1 cup and linseed spoonful, greek yoghurt 250 ml or green tea, fresh blueberries ½ cup, 200 ml diet yoghurt or almond milk.
- Lunch: water 250 ml, salad 2 cups (tomato, green, arugula), grill hake 250 g, Swiss chard and olive oil + potato, small banana and melon slice.
- Snack: water 250 ml and apple, 180 ml yoghurt, ¼ cup pumpkin seeds.
- Dinner: water or anise tea 250 ml, salad 2 cups (lemon juice and olive oil too), integral pastry, grill tuna 150 g, ½ cup steamed veggies (spinach and broccoli).


Start with water, again.
- Breakfast: 1 cup oat flakes, linseed spoonful, 200 ml almond milk, or diet yoghurt, pear and green tea.
- Snack: grapefruit
- Lunch: water 250 ml, veggie soup (pepper, beans, potato, carrot, onion, celery), 200 g grill chicken, pickles 150 g.
- Dinner: integral pastry, nettle tea, beet and carrots with lemon juice.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The waste material tells a lot for the health!

A lot of people are ashamed to talk of the poop, but this is vital for the health! defecation is a normal process and any bowels change can be due to changes in diet, infection, illness and such.

Stool is 75% water, the rest is fiber, alive and dead bacteria, mucus and cells. The normal waste is long, whole and soft. Texture has to be equal and in shape of S. this is the shape of the intestines. For healthy color of the poop, medium brown.


Lumpy, small and hard- inflammation in small intestines, a bit abrasive, 1-2 cm diameter and common if you take antibiotics and have some bleeding.

Sausage shape and lumpy– hard to pass, makes bleeding in the anus and normal for IBS

Sausage shape, cracked layer– like the previous, bleeding, but processed fast.

Smooth, soft, sausage shape– normal and healthy


Blobby with sharp edge– for those that defecate few times per day after eating

Fluffy, torn and ragged edges– soft, hypertension and stress issues

Diarrhea– like regular diarrhea, it can go with conjuction or constipation. This might be serious, depending on color and smell

Black or red– also not good and might be GIT bleeding

Yellow or white– gallbladder issues

The smell comes from:

Cystic fibrosis
Bad digestion

Source: healthymultiverse