Friday, October 28, 2016

This Guyabano fruit can fight cancer?

This Guyabano is a green pear formed fruit that is recognized to have many medicinal does good. This fruit is richly in carbohydrates, especially fructose. Guyabano also takes a important amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B1, and vitamin B2.

Here the uses of Guyabano fruit or juice from this fruit.

- Utilized as diuretic
- This fruit is a handling in hematuria and urethritis
- Handle Dysentery
- Care for Scurvy

Utilizes of confection or concoction of bark, roots and leaves

- To handle diabetes
- As tranquilizer and sedative

Utilizes of confection prepared from Guyabano leaves

- As sudorific or to induce one to sweat
- As a factor to induce vomiting (emetic)
- As tranquilizer and sedative
- To handle head lice, bedbugs and other parasites
- To care for inflammation
- Handling for eczema and skin diseases
- Handling of catarrh or inflammation of mucous membrane in the respiratory tract.
- Handling of pain and inflammation associated arthritis, rheumatism

Utilizes of concoction prepared from pulverized Guyabano seeds 

- As skin astringent
- To care for muscle spasms
- To handle dysentery


Here's the ingredients and preparation of Guyabano Ale

- 1 kilo ripe Guyabano
- 4 cups water
- 3/4 cup sugar
- Calamansi juice

First, rinse and peel fruits, Get rid of the core and seed, then slice the pulp into small pieces. Then heat in four cups water, and then strain the mixture through a clean cheese cloth into a pitcher, then squeeze the juice. After that, just add sugar and enough Calamansi juice or make the mixture a little sour. Serve with ice cubes, and last add more sugar if craved.

This Guyabano can fight against cancer.

Regrettably, research going around Guyabano's curative properties is deficient in the scientific world, but so far, according to some expert have been studying this fruit its ability to protest and to fight against the cancer and reduce side-effects of the chemotherapy.

Leaves from the Guyabano tree are "can wiped out cancer cells among six human cell lines". According to some researchers also found that the leaves were especially efficient for prostate and pancreatic cancers.

The National Cancer Institute that found Guyabano's "leaves and stems were found efficient in assaulting and putting down malignant cells. After the 1976 findings, that were obviously never released to the public, some other research, studies came out with similar conclusions". And works of the Rambutan have been proved to be effective to fight against different kinds of cancer.




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