Thursday, November 24, 2016

This natural remedy will make your toothache disappear in less than a minute!

Toothache can be caused by many conditions like plaque or dental decay, gum disease, cracked tooth, leaking filing or crown, temporomandibular joint, obstructive sleep apnea or irritated tooth nerve.

The pain can be annoying and very intense, making everything we do so difficult and irritating, we can`t sleep or eat well, we are not able to function properly.

We can always visit the dentist, but what if the pain occurs late in the night, when the doctor is not working?

This natural remedy can help you in situations like this, and the pain will disappear in no time. You can make it at home, using these ingredients:

- Coconut oil

- Clove powder

You probably have the ingredients at home already, or you can buy them in every store.


Instruction for preparation: Mix half a spoon of the two ingredients in a jar to get a consistent paste.

Use: Put some paste on the aching tooth or gum and the pain will be relieved in seconds. If needed, repeat this, but no more than 3 times in one day.

How does the remedy work?

The coconut oil has antibacterial properties. A substance from the clove powder, called eugenol, is a strong analgesic. Both of them combined are perfect for tooth or gum pain.

Share this recipe with all your friends and family, they`ll be thankful for this incredible and effective homemade remedy.




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