Friday, December 9, 2016

Get rid of all toxins from the body in 3 days: a method that prevents cancer removes fat and excess water.

Unhealthy, processed and fatty foods are harmful in so many ways, but we simply cannot avoid them. They are all over the place! In almost every store, restaurant, on the street.

Our 3-day-cleansing treatment will change your diet for good, and you will be free of all the cravings that make you fat. Proper detoxification is another benefit you get for free.

products two days before you start with your cleansing treatment. The body needs more time and energy to process milk and dairy products, and these can affect your cleansing dramatically. Keep your body away from all the toxins contained in dairy products before you start detoxifying your tissues.

Drink a cup of herbal laxative tea the night before you start off your cleansing treatment. Black forest tea is a nice option. This will flush toxins out of your intestines and prevent constipation. Keep your lungs free from blockages during the cleansing procedure.

In the morning juice 2 organic lemons and add the juice to half a cup of water. Have your citrusy drink before your breakfast. This will enhance the digestion of alkaline foods which is essential for your lungs.


Drink a cup and a half of fresh grapefruit juice with your breakfast. If you are not the greatest fan of grapefruits, dilute it with water or make yourself some fresh pineapple juice instead. Grapefruits and pineapples are abundant in antioxidants that protect your respiratory system.

Drink about a cup and half of fresh carrot juice. Carrots alkalize blood and play an essential role in the detoxification process. The root vegetable is great for your respiratory system, due to its high beta-carotene content. Human body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A.

Now, it is time for your potassium enriched juice. Juice celery, parsley, seaweed, carrots and spinach. Have a cup and a half of this juice with your lunch. Potassium is amazing cleanser, especially when taken as a liquid. If you prefer it better, drink pure Noni juice and a cup of water instead of this juice. Noni juice is available in every food store.

Drink a cup of teat that will eliminate any mucus buildups. Drink it an hour before your dinner. Combine ginger, rose hip and peppermint. These have shown to be effective in removing mucus, relieving stuffy nose and congestion. This tea blend is available in supermarkets and healthy food stores.

Drink 340ml of fresh cranberry juice before you go to bed. Cranberries destroy bacteria in your lungs responsible for your frequent infections. These berries are powerful antioxidants, and they are great for your urinary tract.

Do the same in the next 2 days. Get ready for some great changes – your body will be free of toxins, fat and excess water, and your lungs will give their best in performing their function. Enjoy your new body!




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