Wednesday, December 28, 2016

See what happens inside your body when you eat pork, and learn why you should avoid it.

Different religions have different rituals. A lot of religions do not allow the consumption of pork. It’s a little-known fact that too much pork can be harmful to your health.

Yersinia enterocolitis is a bacteria that resides within a pigs body. It is a dangerous contaminant and causes diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, fever and sickness. Ractopamine is another microorganism found in the animal’s body which can even cause death.

Tania sodium found in pork will cause loss of appetite. This compound can also cause conditions like fever, myalgia, and edema. Profuse sweating occurs in certain parts of the body and chills and migraines are also symptoms of this condition.


All harmful elements need to be eliminated from the pork before consumption. Cooking on a high temperature because will kill the bacteria.

After touching raw pork, do not forget to wash your hands and when you buy pork meat, make sure it has not been fed medication, anti-toxins, ractopamine and inorganic compounds.

Doubt will always remain, but the truth is that the conditions these animals are kept in and the food they are fed are all factors in the negative health implications of eating pork.
Many factory farms do not offer clean air for their pigs or sufficient sunlight and clean food, most grains and sludge are tainted with pesticides and poisons. Pigs are fed medication and anti-infection agents as food instead of green grass


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