Monday, August 1, 2016

This Ginger can destroys Prostate Cancer, and Ovarian and Colon cancer! It is better than Chemo.

Ginger has flavor to our lives for several centuries and many traditional healers have relied on to cure their patients.

Modern science has confirmed that ginger is not only tasty and healthy, but may also contain some medicinal properties and is even able to fight cancer.


A study published in the Journal of Toxicology and Food Chemistry suggests that gingeroles and paradoles (substances contained in ginger), are anti-carcinogenic compounds that may help prevent cancer. But the healing power of ginger not stop there.

There are a number of new studies suggest that ginger could kill cancer cells in the eggs, prostate and colon, and ginger can be more powerful than chemotherapy as anti-cancer agent.


British Journal of Nutrition published the results of a US study in which a ginger extract prevented the growth of human cells in the prostate cancer. The result was a dose of 100 mg of ginger per kilo of body weight.


In the study, ginger extract reduced tumor growth by approx. 56%. Researchers have estimated that 100 grams of fresh ginger consumed daily will provide the same results for a 70 Kg.

The research showed that the use of ginger against cancer, did not affect other cells in the body that need to divide rapidly, such as cells in the stomach or bones.

The researchers concluded: “This study is the first report to describe the identification detailed assessment of anti-carcinogenic activity” in vitro “or” in vivo “of extracts from full gingers in the therapeutic management of prostate cancer in humans. ”

This makes ginger is more effective than chemotherapy, because chemotherapy affects these and other healthy cells in the body.

Ginger serves not only to fight cancer cells in the prostate, it can also serve to eliminate cancer cells in the ovaries.


Angiogenesis is the term that describes the onset of cancer. If you are able to prevent cancer takes hold in the ovaries, then you can prevent cancer successfully.

In a study published in “BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine” scientists found that the active ingredients in ginger root have anti-angiogenic properties and could effectively prevent the growth of cancer cells.

In experiments presented at the American Association for Cancer Research, scientists from the University of Michigan showed that ginger also helps kill cancer cells and unlike chemotherapy, cancer cells in the ovaries do not become resistant to this therapy .

With fewer side effects, less toxicity and no opportunity to develop drug resistance, ginger can currently offer more benefits for those suffering from ovarian cancer than traditional chemotherapy.


In 2003, scientists presented evidence that ginger protects against colorectal cancer, at the conference of Cancer Prevention Research. This is just one of the studies show that ginger can help prevent cancer.

In a study published in the Journal of Nutrition 2015 (US), researchers showed that ginger not only prevent colon cancer, but also eliminates cancer cells in the colon, making a preventive ginger against chemotherapy and an option therapeutic for those suffering from colorectal cancer.


Evidence suggests that ginger can help prevent several types of cancer and is effective in eliminating cancer ovules, prostate and colon, but unlike chemotherapy, ginger offers a natural and alternative less dangerous to the chemotherapy.

Ginger does not harm healthy cells, not poisoned patients, if prevents cancer and kills cancer cells.


The discoveries described above suggest that regular consumption of ginger as part of a diet and a healthy lifestyle can help prevent cancer from forming roots in first line.

It is not generally recommended to take more than 4 grams of ginger a day, being recommended that pregnant women not to eat more than 1 mg per day.


This Cabbage juice can prevents cancer and how to prepare this recipe!

Cabbage is a cheap vegetable that offers numerous health benefits. You can make a drink out of it and rejuvenate your body.

It is constantly emphasized how important the cabbage diet is, and this vegetable is cheap and it you can find it all year round. It is quite known about its healing effect, but few people know that the fresh juice of this vegetable is a real elixir of health.

The secret behind cabbage’s health properties lies in its abundance in vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, small amount of vitamin B6, calcium, potassium and thiamine, choline antioxidants, beta-carotene, and indole. Moreover, red cabbage is richer in these ingredients than green cabbage.

Many studies have proved that continuous use of cabbage juice reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, but also improves the quality of skin, increases energy levels and promotes healthy weight loss. In particular, a beneficial effect on the stomach and gastric symptoms such as ulcer, but it has been found that due to the large quantities of antioxidants – cabbage juice can act preventively and counteract the development of cancer.

Cabbage juice can also lower cholesterol levels, is good for anemic people, and it is also great for pregnant women as it contains folic acid which helps for proper development of the fetus. It also helps with rheumatism and arthritis, relieves insomnia and depression.

In order to prepare the juice, you have to have a juicer. Cut the cabbage into bigger pieces, put them in the juicer and mix well. One cup on an empty stomach in the morning is enough.

You will need:

1/4 or 1/2 cabbage
1/4 cup of water

In order to improve the taste, you can add one or two carrots, or you can add an apple or kiwi, ginger, orange, beets...

17 health benefits of Guava leaves can extremely 100% ( stop your hair loss and make it grow like crazy )

Guava leaves are worthy of so much attention since they offer an abundance of health benefits. They are high in vitamins A and C, potassium, healthy fiber and lycopene.

This article we give you 17 amazing health benefits provided by guava leaves:

1. Guava leaf tea can decrease bad LDL cholesterol without affecting good HDL cholesterol levels.

2. Treat bronchitis and coughs with guava leaf tea

3. Apply crushed guava leaves onto affected areas to relieve itching caused by allergies

4. This method can also be used for relieving insect bites.


5. Guava leaves offer an amazing aid against hair loss when boiled and allowed too cool on room temperature. Gently massage your scalp to stop any further hair loss.

6. Guava leaf tea stops carbohydrates from turning into sugar and thus suppresses appetite. This will also help you to reduce weight.

7. Guava leaf tea is also great for upset stomach and provides a great help in cases of food poisoning.

8. This tea is also effective in the treatment of diarrhea and dysentry since it provides strong antimicrobial properties.

9. Guava leaf tea is considered to be effective in treating enlarged prostate and cancer.

10. It is especially recommended for men who deal with fertility problems.

11. Guava leaves are high in vitamin C, which helps to heal those trouble spots on your face, called acne and pimples.

12. In order to prevent infections, aplly crushed guava leaves on minor cuts like scrapes or abrasion. You can also prepare a tea to relieve an outer ear infection. Leave the tea to cool and then drop some of it in on the affected area.

13. Boil 9 guava leaves in 5 cups of water until the amount you have in your pot reduces by half. This is great in the treatment of dengue.

14. Guava leaf tea is very beneficial for diabetics as it reduces blood sugar level and does not stimulate insulin secretion.

15. Chew guava leavesin order to relieve toothache, inflamed gums and sores in the oral cavity.

16. If you want to remove blackheads naturally, crush a few guava leaves and stir in a little bit of water. Use this instead of your regular face scrub.

17. Use the same combination to prevent premature skin aging, and you will be amazed by the result.

Now when you know all these amazing benefits of guava leaves, you can use them whenever you need, and if you have guava tree in your backyard, you are very lucky.