Wednesday, January 11, 2017

10 common things you need to stop doing now that are ruining your skin!

It is always a delightful feeling when your skin looks smooth and glowing. You actually looks forward to seeing yourself in mirror. Best part it boost your confidence when you are talking to people directly face to face. Our skin looks good only when we take good care of our body from inside and outside.

That being said there are some habits we should throw out of our lives. Such as using air conditioner all the time. It is a fact that cold air from the air conditioner makes your skin dry.

1. Sleeping with your makeup on

Sometimes when we come home late from a party or a hangout with friends, we feel too lazy and just want to jump in the bed and sleep and don’t care about face, because honestly we give priority to our sleep at the moment. Unfortunately by the morning our skin pores are already blocked with oil and microscopic dirt, which is very damaging for our skin in the long run.

2. Skipping meals

Skipping meals and not drinking enough water to hydrate your skin leads to skin cells getting old. You might not feel anything but slowly wrinkles will start to come on your skin. So don’t forget to drink water and eat healthy.

3. Forgetting To Sanitize The Phone

In this fast world we take out cellphones everywhere. It seems hard to live without your phone. Since it is always with us many germs tend to transfer on our phone. We are sticking it on our ears, typing etc and with the same hands we eat, touch our skin. From time to time sanitize your cellphone too as we do to our hands.

4. Using dirty pillow case and towels

We tend to forget to change out bed sheets and pillow cases too often. Sometimes you think “ I was not home all day, there is no need to change the sheets” well!! That’s not the case, even though we were not home but there is always some bacteria in the air and when we sleep germs can stick to our skin which leads to acne.

5. Consuming too much sugar

After all we are humans, sometimes it seems very difficult to live without sugar as we all have our sweet tooth. But unfortunately artificial sugar is the start of many dieses, too much sugar intake leads to saggy skin. You can always take natural sugar if you feel the need to eat something sweet.


6. Leave the plastic lining on your dry cleaning

Like we mentioned above that there are many types of bacteria’s in the air. It is a good practice to leave the plastic bag on your clothes when you are not using them. As it will protect the direct intact of bacteria sticking to your clothes hence minimizing the intact of germs with your skin.

7. Popping Pimples

Sometime it feels popping pimples is the fastest way to get rid of them, unfortunately they also come at the wrong time. Just before a party they would pop out. I am sorry to say but popping pimples will is worse, not only they will make leave a mark on your skin but when you pop them it will leak out bacteria and spread out on your skin.

8. Applying makeup products out of order

This might not seem not real to you, or you might think it is a stupid fact, but believe it or not it is very true. Make up products are designed to be put on specific products and they might have side effects if applied otherwise. For example applying eye shadow and foundation before prime.

9. Taking long hot steamy showers

I personally cant live without long hot steamy showers, they make me relaxed and calm. But according to scientific studies, steamy showers tend to dry out the natural oil in our skin, which leads to itchy hard dry skin.

10. Using air conditioner a lot

We mentioned this point at the start of the article, but I would like to mention it again in detail, I think we tend to ignore this point thinking cold air makes our skin smooth and glow and closes our pores. Thing is that it does close our pores but make our skin really dry. Cold air coming from the air conditioner is not natural, it takes away the moisture from the air, which is quite damaging for a human skin.

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