Monday, January 23, 2017

The philippine doctor is shocked. He found a solution to get rid of diabetes in just 5 minutes!

We all know that one of the most common and serious disease of our time is diabetes, and because the weather is starting to affect organs like the kidneys it is even more life threatening, because it causes a variety of damage and can often lead to amputations and blindness.

The highest number of sufferers from this disease is in the Philippines, according to the International Diabetes Federation.

However, recently Dr. Jaime Dy-Liacco finally found a cure for diabetes. He dedicated his life in finding a cure for this very serious disease.

He made a mixture that contains minerals that are necessary for fighting diabetes.


12 pieces of peppers
2 raw eggs
½ teaspoon sea salt
Preparation and use:

Carve and grind the peppers so they blend well with the eggs. Then add half a teaspoon of sea salt. Your remedy is ready and you can drink it.




  1. Matagal ko na ito nadidinig, gusto ko na sya i.try, worry ko lang baka naman mabutas bituka ko sa anghang. :( may naka try na po ba nito? pls comment naman po

  2. Meron.
    Good news:
    Nawala ang diabetes!
    Bad news:
    Namatay sa anghang!

  3. dag dag nalang ng baboy at gawing sisig nalang bwahahahha~! :P

  4. Naka try ako nilonok ko lang ang sili Na boo
    Pero ang 12 PCs divided cya ng 3 times SA isang araw. At SA ubang procedure kasi din yon cleansing 1 week.

  5. Palagay ko ang tinutukoy ditong Peppers, ay ang ating local na "Pamintang Buo," at Hindi Capsicum, o "Siling Labuyo!" Dahil, imposible na maksin o mainom ang 2 binating itlog na haluan ng 12 siling Labuyo, hindi mo makakaya ang anghang nito. Kaya ang Peppers na tinutukoy ng Doktor ay Pamintang Buo, na Peppers,din ang English terms.

  6. I tried it using siling labuyo. My blood sugar used to be around 200 fasting when I wake up. After drinking for 5 days, it went down to 135 then I stopped drinking worrying about the side effect. When I went to my doctors visit, my E1C went down from 9 to 5.9. My blood sugar is now normal and I no longer taking any diabetes medication.

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    1. Now that you have testified, I will try. I am a diabetic type 2 for years now. I will try before it destroys my system.

  8. ingredients: 12-pcs of peppers! instruction: carve(?) and grind the peppers...bka pminta! LOL hope it helps with diabetic


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